Foundation Awards Over $50,000 in Scholarships

Foundation Awards Over $50,000 in Scholarships

October 5, 2022

The Nebraska United Methodist Foundation is pleased to announce the distribution of over $50,000 in course of study, seminary and undergraduate scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

The Course of Study Scholarship Program began in 2020 in an effort to help an increasingly growing group of individuals who are ministering to a congregation while also pursuing their education. Recipients of the Rev. Robert E. & Lily A. Berlie Course of Study Scholarships and the Frederick & Esther Paulus Course of Study Scholarships were Esther Achi and Lana Day. Pastor Achi was the recipient of the Rev. George & Mrs. Wilma Clay Course of Study Scholarship. Thank you to these families for their generosity toward our local pastors. 

Fifteen seminary students were recipients of the following seminary scholarships:

Albert R. Murdoch Ministerial Scholarship – Tiffani Brewer

Alice Kruse Ministerial Scholarship – Kalingwishi Anny Kapundu, Albert Longe

Alice Kruse Seminary Scholarship – Ross Janovec

Alva Clark Seminary Scholarship – Albert Longe

Andrew & Nevabelle Howe Scholarship – Albert Longe

Baldwin F. and Amy L. Kruse Scholarship – Victor Peterson

Ben and Martha Simmons Scholarship – Lami Oladimeji

Charles & Marilyn Humphrey Seminary Scholarship – Monica Magoola

Cowles UMC Memorial Scholarship – Kalingwishi Anny Kapundu, Albert Longe, Victor Peterson

Darrell & Joyce Pickett Scholarship – Debra Copple

David Wayne Krick & Donald E. Krick, Jr. Seminary Scholarship – Albert Longe, Venedith Vargas

Dean, Jean & Randy Fleming and Humphrey/Goff Scholarship – Ross Janovec, Kalingwishi Anny Kapundu

Floma Taylor Ministerial Scholarship – Matthew Borland, Rachel Stone

Good Steward Scholarship (in memory of Rev. Richard E. Atherton, Rev. Cal Leeds, Mary Moore & Rev. Richard & Lois Urbach) – Ross Janovec

Harlan and Mabelle Wyrick Memorial Scholarship – Nick Baker, Christopher Harris

Joe Meeham UMM 100 Club Scholarship – Venedith Vargas

Merv Schleifert UMM 100 Club Scholarship – Venedith Vargas

Murdock Ebenezer UMC Professional Church Leadership Scholarship – Tiffani Brewer

Myrtle E. Williams Seminary Scholarship – Debra Copple, Kalingwishi Anny Kapundu

Rev. Albert W. Winseman Scholarship – Matthew Borland

Scahill Family Scholarship – Joanna Gillespie

UM Men’s 100 Club Scholarship – Tiffani Brewer, Debra Copple, Ross Janovec, Monica Magoola, Victor Peterson, Venedith Vargas, Grace Woods

Verl & Sylvia Miller Memorial Scholarship – Nick Baker

Women in Ministry Scholarship – Tiffani Brewer

The recipients of The Tither’s Scholarship were Alexandra Dobesh and Thomas Moss.

These scholarships would not be possible without the vision and generosity of people like you. Thank you to all of those who have a heart to support our pastors. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship in honor of or in memory of a loved one, please contact the Foundation at 877-495-5545 or 402-323-8844.