Foundation Announces New Scholarship Program for Local Pastors

Foundation Announces New Scholarship Program for Local Pastors

April 1, 2020

The Foundation is pleased to announce a new program to support local pastors. Through this new and young program, the Foundation has $5,500 available in scholarship funds for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The following is a list of scholarships available:

Frederick and Esther Paulus Local Pastor Scholarship (3 scholarships, $1,500 each)
NUMF Gifts From The Heart Local Pastor Scholarship (1 scholarship for $1,000)

The Nebraska United Methodist Foundation would like to acknowledge the generous gifts donors have made to make these scholarships possible.  Mr. Paulus, and his late wife, have had a passion through the years for supporting post-secondary education.  By setting up an endowment fund at the Foundation, they have been able to fulfill this dream of supporting students. Thank you for being our partner in ministry.

The Foundation’s own Gifts From The Heart Program continues to support five areas: Missions, Youth & Camping, Pastoral Education & Support, New Start/New Faith Communities, and Greatest Needs.  We are honored to put the good work and generosity of United Methodists in action through this new scholarship opportunity. 

We are also pleased to continue serving our existing and future pastors through our growing Seminary Scholarship Program. Please visit our Scholarships and Grants page for more information on these scholarships for full-time seminary students. 

If you are interested in learning more about Gifts From The Heart, we would be honored to partner with you and continue to grow these funds as added resources for our churches.  Please contact us.