Anne Gahn

Anne and Doug Gahn

Meet Ministry Scholarship Recipient Anne Gahn

My husband Doug and I dreamed of serving full-time in the ministry. Of course, money for tuition was an issue. Luckily, I learned about the scholarships offered by NUMF. Our experience has been incredibly rewarding, and NUMF made the application process easy to understand and complete. I have been blessed to receive six ministry scholarships and my husband Doug has received three.

I was humbled and grateful to receive these scholarships, not only for the financial relief, but for a benefit I never expected - a great connection with the donors. Not only do they get to know you, you can get to know them too! Every donor has a story to share about why it's so important to them to support the Lord's work through education.

My husband and I think about our scholarship donors often - we ask for their prayers and we pray for them. At the end of the semester, I thanked them again just to let them know they are never far from our minds! Donors are part of the journey - it's a ministry of their own to train pastors for the future.

I want to thank NUMF for facilitating education for our pastors, and all the current and future donors who support these scholarships. God Bless You!

For more information about supporting scholarships, please call the NUMF office at 877-495-5545. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please go beginning April 1 for information and application forms.