Application, Criteria and Guidelines

The Foundation's scholarship season runs from April 1 through June 30 for the upcoming fall and spring semesters of the academic year. We notify all applicants of the scholarship winners by early August. Upon notice of the awards, the scholarships are paid to the people to whom they were awarded in care of their educational institutions. Check back in April for scholarship applications and criteria.

The Foundation would like to thank those who have generously created the following scholarships: 

  • The Albert R. Murdoch Ministerial Scholarship
  • The Rev. Albert W. Winseman Scholarship 
  • The Alice Kruse Ministerial Scholarship  
  • The Alice Kruse Seminary Scholarship
  • The Alva Clark Seminary Scholarship 
  • The Andrew & Nevabelle Howe Scholarship
  • The Atherton Memorial Scholarship Fund 
  • The Baldwin F. and Amy L. Kruse Scholarship
  • The Ben and Martha Simmons Scholarship Fund
  • The Cal Leeds Scholarship 
  • The Charles and Marilyn Humphrey Seminary Scholarship
  • The Cowles United Methodist Church Memorial Scholarship
  • The Darrell and Joyce Pickett Scholarship
  • The Harlan and Mabelle Wyrick Memorial Scholarship
  • The Lincoln St. Mark's United Methodist Church Foundation Scholarship
  • The Murdock Ebenezer UMC Professional Church Leader Scholarship
  • The Myrtle E. Williams Seminary Scholarship
  • The Scahill Family Scholarship
  • The Verl & Sylvia Miller Memorial Scholarship
  • The Wilson's Tither Scholarship