Named Endowment Funds through the Gifts From the Heart program provide a wonderful opportunity to honor or memorialize individuals and families whose legacies we wish to perpetuate and share for generations to come.

Gifts in amounts of $25,000 or more will support the endowment fund(s) of the donors' choice. Distributions from these funds will be made in the name(s) of the donors, or others to whom the donors wish to pay tribute, as designated at the time the gift is made.

Gifts to the Gifts From the Heart Endowment Fund may be in the form of cash or property, current or deferred, or on a scheduled, regular basis. Donors who would like to create a Named Endowment Fund now, but cannot make a current gift of $25,000 or more, may create a named fund with a lesser current amount and make additional gifts to their fund over a period of time. At such time as total gifts to the fund reach the amount of $25,000 or more, grants from teh fund will be made in the specified name(s) of the fund.