In keeping with our mission to support the ministries of the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church through the development of gifts and the stewardship of resources entrusted to the Foundation in support of God's work, the Foundation created the Gifts From the Heart Endowment Fund in 2001. In addition to named funds that would memorialize individuals and families, Gifts From the Heart focuses on the following endowments:

  • Missions - This endowment provides food for the starving, medicine for the ill and vaccines for infants and the elderly. It also funds trips to dig clean-water wells and build medical clinics, churches and hospitals. It saves lives and gives hope.

  • Youth and Camping - This endowment assists in developing new, unique programs to attract youth to the church. It provides a strong foundation for our children and young adults and encourages leadership.

  • Pastoral Education and Support - With this endowment, we can provide financial support to students, assure that pastors can participate in continuing education and help support salaries in local churches when necessary.

  • Extension - Through this endowment, churches can purchase real estate, help pay pastors' salaries and help assure success for their young congregations.

  • Greatest Needs - This endowment provides help where it's needed the most. It helps churches grow, makes a difference in lives and supports the Church's mission.