Sophisticated investors have long understood the need for diversification and asset allocation among the various types of investment vehicles. Such diversification and allocation can provide both protection from undue risk and opportunity for significant growth.

The Foundation provides investment services that are otherwise unavailable to most of our Conference churches and other ministries. These services include:

  • Five funds (actively managed by outside fund managers) with varying degrees of earnings and growth potential;
  • Ongoing oversight by the Foundation's Board of Directors and Investment Committee;
  • Immediate access to invested funds;
  • No commissions, front-end or back-end loads, and no penalties for early withdrawal;
  • Individual accounts -- depositors can have as many individual accounts as they choose with comprehensive quarterly reports provided for each account; and
  • Low management fees -- lower than average mutual fund fees.


If you are interested in creating a fund with us, please print out this Investment Management Agreement and mail it to us at your earliest convenience. 
For the Executive Director's Quarterly Letter to Investors, click here. For the Fund Manager's Quarterly Performance Report, click here.