The Nebraska United Methodist Foundation provides many services and financial tools to the Nebraska churches, ministries and members of the Great Plains Conference. From church grant opportunities to seminarian scholarships to free estate planning seminars, we work to help the United Methodist people of Nebraska on many different levels. We enjoy working with many Nebraska churches in providing investment services for money they would like to tuck away until a rainy day or the dreaded emergency. We are here to help you as a church, and as an individual, better plan for your future. As a nonprofit entity ourselves, we are not interested in making a profit off of these services, but rather our focus is to help the Nebraska United Methodist churches and people grow and be prosperous.

The Foundation staff assists churches and agencies through:

  • The creation and development of endowment funds;
  • Presentations of Foundation investment services;
  • Gift & estate planning seminars for church groups;
  • Fund development workshops;
  • Pre-capital campaign workshops;
  • Planned gift visits with individuals; and
  • Stewardship sermons.


There is no cost to churches and other Conference ministries for the services listed above. Please call to schedule dates when we can be of service to you.